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City Council

The City of Atlanta is comprised of four electoral districts from which city councilpersons are elected, and one council seat is elected 'at large' by all eligible voters. The Mayor serves as the chief elected official and is the chairperson of the council. Terms of office are two years for all elected officials.

City of Atlanta Texas Boundary Map


Keith Crow
114 W. Hiram Street
Atlanta, TX 75551
Office 903-796-2844

District 1

Councilman Chris E. Collins, Sr.
604 W. Miller
Atlanta, TX 75551
Home 903-796-5569

District 2

Councilman Arlie Kyzer
608 Glenwood St
Atlanta, TX 75551
Home 903-824-4491

District 3

Councilman James Roy O’Kelley
301 Hummingbird Trail
Atlanta, TX 75551
Home 903-796-9047

District 4

Councilman Dean McDuff
P.O. Box 894
Atlanta, TX 75551
Home 903-796-6207

At Large Seat

Councilman Robert “Bob” Steger
503 S. Boggie Street
Atlanta, TX 75551
Home 903-796-3291